Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Judge Spotlight - WolvesCanEatMe

As written by Leanne Golightly

WolvesCanEatMe is an OC Awards judge and admin who was roped into all this by her! Her job has been to organise the publicity, help with the general admin, judge four categories, and generally keep me in check when I come up with new crazy and highly labour intensive ideas. Oh, and cheerleading.  Lots of cheerleading! 

Seriously though, WolvesCanEatMe has been the level-headed voice of reason in all this, and the awards would not have been so organised without her.

She can be found on, My Vamp Fiction, and Jacob Black and Pack as WolvesCanEatMe, and on Twilighted as Graveyarder03.  She can also be found on Twitter as WolvesCanEatMe—you’ll recognise her by the cute little wolfy avatar.

I first bumped in this Colorado chick on Twilighted, where she had reviewed one of my early stories—for the life of me, I can’t remember which one it was.  Anyway, I ended up checking out her story, After The Rain, on and really enjoyed her OC.  Back then, After The Rain was only two chapters in, so I feel like I’ve been along for the ride since almost the beginning.  

WolvesCanEatMe then started reading my stories in return, resulting in the mutual reading/reviewing/inappropriate fic love we share now...ahhh!  We pre-read each other’s stories for each other, tearing each other apart and leaving a trail of snark as we go, as well as discussing the difference between British and American cuisine.  I mean, mince sandwiches?  I can see why you call them Sloppy Joe’s!  (Yeah, okay, this coming from a girl who likes haggis and black pudding.)

If the name hadn’t already given you that impression, WolvesCanEatMe is a wolf fan.  I have to admit that I’m sneakily trying to draw her over to the dark side, and my fic-wifey has written a couple of Volturi-based one shots, La Dolce Vita, which is a limey Heidi femmeslash, and an as yet unposted dark crackfic featuring everyone’s favourite vampire twins, called Alec and Jane’s Playdate.

For those of you who prefer fur over fangs, WolvesCanEatMe has also posted a lemony one shot, Happy Birthday To Me, where Embry is literally taken for a ride by a foxy stranger, as well as her main multi-chapter, After The Rain, which is a post-Eclipse Jacob/OC pairing.

Okay, this is where I get gushy. Why did I fall in love with After The Rain?  

Firstly, I loved this story so much that I made this...

What really struck me, even only two chapters in, was the realism of the story.  I’ve always thought that all these supernatural creatures running around without jobs seemed a little unrealistic—especially the wolves, who don’t have a handy fortune squirreled away in the bank. 

Cassie, the OC in whose POV the story is written in, is a paramedic and comes to La Push looking for her long-lost family. As you can already imagine, she finds a lot more than she had bargained for, including a twin-brother, a half-brother, a snarky she-wolf friend, and a vampire boss when she gets a job at the nearby hospital. I love that she doesn’t automatically accept that all of her friends and family are supernatural creatures, and it takes a while for her to get her head wrapped around the whole imprinting phenomenon.

Here is a small taster from her latest chapter:

“Jacob went to stand at the peak of the circle with Sam; Leah moved over so I could squeeze in next to her. She glanced briefly at me before bumping her shoulder into mine. Her support was appreciated —Leah was going to flip out that she hadn't been there to witness my little incident with Bella. Granted if she had been, I wasn't so sure Bella would have left completely unharmed.

What the hell, Cas? I'm the pack bitch, don't even try and compete.

Nudging her shoulder back, I replied, Our interaction was hardly epic, Leah, though I do wish you had been there.

She cocked her head and looked at me. And why is that?

It would have been a bit more of a memorable experience for her, I think.

Paul butted in with his memory of the trees I destroyed. Those trees thought it was a pretty fucking memorable experience.”

I’ll not say too much, but WolvesCanEatMe manages to blend together real life issues, such as exes and suitable footwear for dates, as well as the more fantastic side of life, like unexpected imprints, vampire attacks, and wolfing out.  Cassie reacts like any real-life girl in her situation would, with some interesting twists and turns along the way that make this story a good, fun read.

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