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The 2010 Twilight Original Character Awards

Bella turned around quickly, and in her desperation to get away she almost knocked down a fellow student. Apologising as she looked up into his dark eyes, she felt strangely hypnotised, only snapping out of her trance when the strange boy spoke.

“Hello.  I’m Edward Cullen.”

And that would be all you needed.  A million girls would squeal just because of the name you used, and they would instantly have an idea of how he looked, his voice, and even an idea of Bella’s reaction to him.

What if he had said something different?

“Hello. I’m Dave.”

Now the author has to work at it.  Who is Dave?  What does he look like?  How old is he?  Is he a friend or a potential foe?  How does Bella feel about him?

With an original character, the author has to start from scratch, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with him/hate him/have him as your gay best friend. Character development is an important part of writing, and to do it well takes skill. The very purpose of these awards is to give credit to authors who have given it a try—and succeeded!

Please note that these awards are for WELL WRITTEN fan fiction containing ORIGINAL CHARACTERS (i.e. characters from your own imagination, not Stephenie Meyer’s.)

2010 Award Categories

Story Awards:
Best Multi-Chapter
Best One-Shot
Best Non-NC17
Best AH
Best Supernatural
Best RPF

Writing Awards:
Most Original Plot
Most Impressive Writing
Best Characterization
Seamless Slot-In
Best OC Lemon

Character Awards:
Best Pairing
Most Believable OC
Best Male
Best Female
Best Offspring

Fun Awards:
In Name Only
Best Anti-MarySue
Wish Fulfilment
Best 5 Minutes of Fame

For more detailed information, please see the navigation bar to the right.

2010 Category Descriptions

Story Awards:

These categories are about the stories as a whole. Nominations must be well written and fall under the category it is nominated for (e.g. no vampires in an AH, one chapter for a one-shot.) All nominees for these categories must have an OC as one of the major characters in the fic.

Best Multi-Chapter – Must have more than one chapter and feature the original character throughout, or at least in the majority of chapters.

Best One-Shot – A single chapter story featuring an original character.

Best Non-NC17 – The fic must be rated less than NC-17, but can be a multi-chapter or a one shot.

Best AH – This category is for stories featuring all human characters, one of whom must be original. No vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, or krakens. 

Best Supernatural – There must be at least one supernatural character in stories nominated for this category.  It does not matter whether this is the original character or another.

Best RPF – This category is specifically for real person fiction.  At least one character must be original, which includes fictional manifestations of the author but not the celebrity/ies.  The story must be related to the world of Twilight.

Writing Awards:

These awards recognise the skill of the author, and are more focused on the quality of the writing than the overall story.  Stories can be any length, AH, AU, Canon or RPF—as long as they are spectacularly well-written and contain an original character.

Most Original Plot – Rewards the most novel storylines and concepts.

Most Impressive Writing – Rather than have a “Best Author” category, we wanted to focus less on popularity and more on exceptional quality writing. Which author really blew you away with their mastery of the written word?

Best Characterization – This is for the OC that you thought was brought to life in such an extraordinary way that the author should be recognised for it.  

Seamless Slot-In – What do you mean he or she wasn’t in Twilight?  For the author who created an OC that fit so well into Stephanie Meyer’s world that you forgot they weren’t part of the original cast.

Best OC Lemon – Nominate the CHAPTER containing the best OC lemon.  One half/third/quarter of the people involved in the sexy time must be an original character.  Only nominations with a chapter number or direct link to the lemon will be accepted.

Character Awards: 

This group of awards are focused on the character themselves, and all characters nominated must be original.

Best Pairing - A great pairing containing at least one original character.

Most Believable OC - No MarySue’s here.  Which character kept it so real that you wouldn’t be surprised to bump into them in the store tomorrow?

Best Male – Best male original character (i.e. not Edward or any other male character from Stephen Meyer’s Twilight.)

Best Female – Best female original character (i.e. not Bella or any other female character from Stephen Meyer’s Twilight.)

Best Offspring - In honor of “Breaking Dawn,” babies seem to be popping up all over.  The beauty of this is that they’re all original...with the exception of Renesmee/Nessie, of course.  Characters do not have to be born during the story, but must be a maximum of fourteen years old when they first appear in the story (in terms of years on earth or physical age, whichever is greater.)

Fun Awards:

In Name Only - There are some characters in canon Twilight that are mentioned so briefly that an author is required to essentially build their character from scratch in order to write about them. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to classify these characters as an OC. Nominees must be considered to be a minor character by our judges, and not be extensively used in fanon (For example: no Bella, Jared, or Demetri—but Nettie, Ephraim Black, or Didyme would be acceptable. This is not an exhaustive list.)

Best Anti-MarySue - Which character was so gritty and raw that no author in their right mind would have written it as themselves?  

Wish Fulfilment - On entirely the opposite end of the scale as the previous award. Which MarySue thrilled you so much that you really didn’t mind being along for the ride with the author?

Best 5 Minutes of Fame - Okay, so you have an Edward/Bella, Paul/Emmett, Maria/Jasper fic...but there was an OC (random Mexican vamp no.12/the janitor/Paul’s long lost cousin) that made such an impression in their brief cameo that it was noteworthy.  Only nominations with a chapter number or direct link to the scene will be accepted.

2010 Important Dates

Nominations Start: Saturday 23rd October

Nominations End: Friday 5th November

Public Vote Opens: Wednesday 1st December

Public Vote Ends: Tuesday 14th December

Winners Announced: Saturday 18th December

2010 Rules

1. All stories must significantly feature an original character from the mind of the author, unless specifically stated otherwise within the category.

2. These awards are for Twilight fan fiction only.

3. Stephenie Meyer’s characters, celebrities, or characters from other books/films do not count as original characters, unless specifically stated otherwise within the category.

4. Cross-overs and real person fiction (based on actors from the Twilight films) are acceptable, so long as the story significantly features an original character fitting the criteria in points 1, 2, and 3.

5. All nominated stories must be well written with a high standard of grammar. Poor grammar will result in automatic rejection.

6. Stories must be posted on the internet and publically available before voting takes place. If a fic is pulled during voting for genuine reasons (Terms of Service violations etc.) then it will still be eligible.

7. Nominations must be filled in on the form as directed on the blog.  Nominations will be set to open automatically on Saturday 23rd October 2010 at 0:01.

8. Nominator name, the story title and author, the chapter number where required, character names and the story link must be given. Vital information missing from the nomination or broken links will result in disqualification.

9. Nominees must fit the criteria of the category they are being nominated for.

10. Nominations must be completed by 11.59p.m. GMT (0.00) (6.59p.m. EST, 4.59p.m. PST) on the closing day. Any nominations received after this time will be at the discretion of the awards administrators.

11. We would prefer if authors did not nominate their own stories. Nominations must be made by readers in good faith. Authors are free to suggest that someone nominates their story but not in return for any kind of benefit or under threat. Anyone found to have done this will have their story nomination automatically rejected.

12. Once nominations are closed, the accepted nominations for each category will be emailed to the relevant judges, working in pairs, who will narrow down the nominations in an objective and fair way, but using a process of their own choosing.

13. A maximum of six and minimum of two nominees per category will be put forward for the public vote. If nominations are not able to pass the judges’ screening process, the category will be abandoned.

14. Judges will be given between four and five categories to evaluate. The specific categories the judge are given will remain undisclosed until after the winners are announced. A judge may then decide to reveal their given categories, but it will remain at their discretion.

15. The selections that are put forward for the public vote will be decided based on quality of writing, character development, and storyline. Popularity and familiarity will not be taken into account. The pair of judges will look at each of their categories, and decide between themselves which they consider to be the best selection. Judges choices are final.

16. Judges will not be entitled to send in nominations, but their stories can be nominated by others. In the interest of fairness, judges will not be allowed to judge any category in which one of their stories has been put forward, and their stories will not be eligible for the Judges’ Choice Award.

17. Judges will ensure that their selections are returned to by the deadline date. The OC Awards admin will be notified in advance if any problems arise in meeting the submission deadline.

18. Polls for the public vote will be posted on the blog by midnight GMT (0.00) (7.00p.m. EST, 5.00p.m. PST) on the specified opening date, and will close at 11.59pm GMT on the closing date (6.59pm EST, 4.59pm PST). Once the polls are closed, no further votes will be accepted and the results will be recorded. Results of the polls will be final.

19. In the case of gross technical error. In this case, the poll may be redone by contacting all the authors of the selected stories and reposting the affected poll only, for at least seven days. The replacement poll will be publicized by OC Admin, and every effort to maintain fair voting practices will be used and explored.

20. Once the polls for the public vote appear on the awards blog, the judges will be given the opportunity to nominate a story for the Judges Choice Award. This part of the process is entirely optional for judges. Each judge will be allowed a single nomination and will include a short description as to why the story deserves the award. The nomination description given by the judge may be used for publicity purposes in the future.

21. Stories written by any judge are not eligible for the Judges’ Choice Award. Once compiled, a list of nominees will be sent out to all the judges wishing to participate in this aspect of the awards.

22. Each judge will then rank their top three favourites from this list and return their ranking to before the public vote ends. OC Awards Admin will award ten points to first choices, six points to second choices, and three points to third choices. The winner of the Judges’ Choice Award will be the story with the most points.

23. If there needs to be a tie-breaker, the tied stories will be sent back to the judges participating in the Judges Choice Award. Judges will state their preference as to the winner, and the award will be given to the story with the majority of votes. If there is a tie for a second time, the result will stand, and the two winners will be announced.

24. Winning stories will be announced on the blog by the date specified, with a personalized banner and links to both the story and the author. OC Awards Admin will contact the authors of the winning stories via their fan fiction profiles at the earliest opportunity.

25. Notification of winners will be sent to as many blogs and awards sites as possible, to publicize the results of the awards, along with links to stories and authors.

26. By nominating a story, participating in the organizing, or agreeing to judge the contest, you agree to abide by these rules and conditions.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Coming Soon...

Watch this space for information on the Twilight Original Character Awards.

There are awards for the wolf pack, awards for vampires, awards for all-human, and just about every other genre you could think of.  The OC Awards want to recognise the original characters in Twilight fan fiction. 

We already know and love (for the most part) Stephenie Meyer's characters. Even if you love or hate OC's, it takes real skill to create a brand new character that can captivate and enthrall us, while fitting in seamlessly within the Twilight universe. 

If you have the writing skill to do that, then congratulations--we feel you deserve some recognition.