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2010 Winners Banners

2010 Runners Up Banners

2010 Special Mentions Banners

2010 Winners Announcement

Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite OC stories.  We had an overwhelming response throughout the awards for which we are very grateful..

The winners and runners up are as follows:

Story Awards:

Best Multi-Chapter

Best One-Shot

Best Non-NC17

Best AH

Best Supernatural

Best RPF

Writing Awards:

Most Original Plot

Most Impressive Writing

Best Characterization

Seamless Slot-In

Best OC Lemon

Character Awards:

Best Pairing

Most Believable OC

Best Male

Best Female

Best Offspring

Fun Awards:

In Name Only

Best Anti-MarySue
Joint Winners:

Wish Fulfilment

Judges’ Choice:

Judge’s Comments:
“This one shot just completely sucked me in, with my heart pounding and tears in my eyes as I read.  I could imagine this scenario unfolding in real life, and it completely broke my heart...which is quite a feat.”

Judge’s Comments:
“I have read so many fics over the last year, since I started reading Twific, that it's hard to surprise me and even harder to make me rave about them. Absolucion, however, surprised me in many, many ways. This fic is exactly why I signed up to be a judge for the OC Awards; it's innovative, original, and unlike anything I'd ever read before. I got sucked in and found myself unable to put it down. The way the author makes good use of not only the well-known characters, but also the lesser-known, and of course, the original character of Rolle. This story is a sequel to Antithesis, which I shamefully have to admit that I haven't read yet due to time restrictions, but it's definitely at the top of my list!”

Honorable Mentions:

Greedy Noms Special Mention: Winterstale
For having six stories put forward for the public vote across eleven categories--by far the most prolific author in the awards.

Howdy Pardner Special Mention: Deep Dish by Starfish422
For changing the way we look at cowboy hats.

Barking Mad Special Mention: Bronte from Full Moon by Kagome Hanyou
For the most creative nominee.


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All other nominated authors are welcome to use the following banner if they wish.

From the OC Awards Admins:

Thank you to everyone who nominated, and to every single one of our judges--who worked really hard to make these awards as fair as possible. Most of all, thank you to all the authors who have stepped out of the Twilight comfort zone to create original characters in fan fiction.  We can’t wait to see who you introduce us to over the coming year, so that we can do this again in the winter of 2011.

We hope you had as much fun as we did during the Awards.


Leanne and Tracy
x x x

2010 OC Awards Winners and Runners Up

*Drum Roll* Here is the official public announcement of the OC Awards winners and runners up. A full list with links to the winning stories will appear on the blog momentarily, along with banners. Congratulations!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Voting is Now Closed

The voting stage of the Twilight Original Character Awards has ended, and the results are now being collated and verified by our Admins.

Results will be posted on this blog and on twitter @OC_Awards on Saturday the 18th December.

Good luck!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Judge Spotlight - Leanne Golightly

As written by WolvesCanEatMe

Leanne has been my fic wife for months now, and I have no idea how I ever lived life without her! She’s not only a wonderful and loving beta, but she’s also incredibly organized, intelligent, and creative.

I was impressed with her work ethic before we (mostly her) started the Original Character Awards, but all of her hard work during this process has left me in awe. In all of my life I have never known someone who is as passionate as Leanne. The countless hours of her free time she has invested helped make these Awards successful and professional. I cannot gush enough about all of the effort she’s put into this. So thanks, Leanne! You’re wonderful, I love you, and I am so lucky to have you as a friend!

Now on to her wonderful writing skills! Leanne has written about nineteen stories, and they are mostly for Twilight. She’s also busy helping out PTB as a beta under the name angel_eyes1_uk. Her stories can be found on Twilighted and My Vamp Fiction, but has by far the best collection of her work. All of her stories are wonderful, and you should go read them! Currently, my top favorites of hers are:

The Adventures of Rebecca the Vindictive Vamp
The Burning of Lucius Demetrius Flavius
Paresthesia (as WayBeyond)

The Adventures of Rebecca the Vindictive Vamp is a spin-off from Red Eyes and the She Wolf. It’s a short story which portrays Rebecca's transformation, her life as a vampire, and her lost love, Robert. Rebecca is a lovely and feisty vampire that Leanne’s fans first met when Demetri and Leah reached New York in Red Eyes.

The Burning of Lucius Demetrius Flavius, as you probably guessed, is Demetri's history. This is a companion piece to Red Eyes and the She Wolf, and it begins during his human life, goes into his time with the Volturi, and leads up to the moment he meets his match in a she-wolf, and then some.

Paresthesia is a marvelous could-have-been remake of Eclipse. Edward is killed during the battle with Victoria, and Bella is collected and taken back to Volterra, where she is turned. Bella starts her life over, free from the Cullens and the Wolves, while she finds new friends and possibly a lover.

One of Leanne’s more popular fics, the recently completed Red Eyes and the She Wolf, was very bittersweet for me. This story is what helped me to open back up and embrace the dark side. Vampires do have quite a bit of fun, and I’ll openly admit that now. Leanne made a really cool video for Red Eyes that you can watch here.

Leanne has won numerous awards, so I will just mention a few. 

A Hint of Apple was the Fanfiction Writing Challenges Missing Moments Contest Public Vote winner.

 Red Eyes and the She Wolf was the Forbidden Lemon Contest 1st Place Public Vote winner and the winner of the Gem Awards Ruby Round "Best Overall".

Chance to Heal was the Silence of the Wolves Contest 3rd Place Public Vote and Judges' Choice winner.

Mind Games was the Fanfiction Writing Challenges What About Alice? Contest Public Vote winner.
C-Force won the Superhero Contest 3rd Place Judges' Choice

The Burning of Lucius Demetrius Flavius was nominated in the Twilight Gem Awards Pearl Round for "Best Original Plot".

You can read sneek peaks on her blog, Procrastination Central, or catch her on twitter as angel_eyes1_uk.

Here is an excerpt from the latest chapter of The Burning of Lucius Demetrius Flavius:

Chapter 13 - Volcanoes and Glaciers

It seemed the wolf had enough of it before I did. Her stomach began rumbling, and as I tried to clamber on top of her again, she pushed me away and headed to the bathroom with a scowl. I hadn't missed that particular facial expression; in fact, I'd stored a few particularly good mental pictures of Leah's face that I infinitely preferred.

Rolling onto my back, I stared at the ceiling, wishing that we'd continued for a little longer.

She must be hungry—I knew I wasn't quite so easy-going when I needed feeding. Inside the bathroom, I heard Leah turn on the shower.

As I willed my body to calm down, I cupped my palms over my face, and realized that I absolutely stank of shape shifter.

Maybe the entertainment didn't have to end just because Leah had left the bedroom. I got to my feet and joined the she-wolf in the bathroom.

"Demetri?" Leah asked, as I opened the misty shower door and climbed inside.

"Of course. Who else were you expecting?" I smiled in amusement, but all I received in return was another scowl.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hillywood Show Eclipse Parody

We don't have a Judge Spotlight tonight, but for your entertainment here is the Hillywood Show Eclipse parody in all of it's awesomeness. Enjoy.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Judge Spotlight - Javamomma0921

As written by Leanne Golightly

I first met Javamomma0921 through Twimpage, where she wrote a small review of my first ever one shot.  Since then, I’ve kept in touch via Twitter, and Java has done some beta work for me in the past when I’ve tweeted pleas for help.  She’s a sensible clued up lady, not to mention an amazing author, and this is why I asked her to be a judge.

You can find Javamomma on, Twilighted, and Twitter. Jen is a pretty prolific author, writing both fan fiction and original pieces, and she also does a lot of beta-ing—for three regular authors and some ad hoc work.

Her first serious fic was The Life and Death of Edward Anthony Masen, which has been nominated for three OC Awards: Best Multi-Chapter, Best Non-NC17, and Seamless Slot In for her OC, Anna. Entirely deserved—read it and see.

Jen is a sucker for a historical romance, and this exceptionally well-written story begins in 1918, following a seventeen-year-old human boy called Edward—the name might ring a few bells.  You are given a taste of Edward’s life, leading up to his brush with Spanish Influenza and his entry into the supernatural world.  There are some excellent original characters which really help lift Edward’s human life off the pages, and this completed story is very addictive.  

Another of Jen’s stories that I fell in love with is The Lady’s Champion, a short three chapter medieval romp. Sir Edward of Aquitaine falls for Lady Isabella—with historically accurate dialogue and lemons. If you get a kick out of this era, like me, I heavily suggest you check it out!

Javamomma’s current work-in-progress is All That Jazz. It’s a rip-roaring tale of orphaned sisters, Bella and Alice Swan, who go to live with their scandalous Aunt Esme.  This is an AH/AU, set in 1919, when a lot of changes were afoot with regards how women portrayed themselves. Of course, there is a heavy dose of Edward, but what really makes this story for me is the relationship between the women.

After attempting to write something set in the past myself, I can really appreciate exactly how much hard work Jen must put in when writing her stories.  She manages to blend historical accuracy with a highly compelling, sexy yet plausible plotline, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of her stories.  All That Jazz has had write ups and recommendations on numerous blogs, and both multi-chapters have been nominated for awards previously.


The Life and Death of Edward Anthony Masen
Faithful Shipper Awards – Finalist for Best Canon Story
Shimmer Awards – Best Pre-Twilight
Bring Me to Life Awards – Eddie Award

All That Jazz
Bring Me to Life Award – Blast from the Past
All Human Award – Story That Had You Hooked for Drama
Hidden Star Award – Most Original Story

Using Javamomma’s own words, she says that she loves writing for the fandom, and is grateful for the books and community for the friendships she has made, many of which have crossed over into her real life.

Excerpt from Java’s latest update:

All That Jazz Chapter 13 “Happy Birthday, Edward!”

Sunday, June 20, 1920

"I'm proud of you, you know that?"

Alice was sitting in the window seat embroidering a vest for Jasper, but she had dropped her work to her lap and sat watching me. I was worrying over my gift for Edward, turning it this way and that in front of me and trying to decide on the best way to wrap it. I looked up at her, framed in the window with the sunlight streaming around her face, and smiled.

"What a strange thing to say, Alice," I said, shaking my head. "What made you say it?"

She smiled and folded her hands in her lap.

"Look at you," she said, turning her head from side to side. "You've grown so much in the past months, Bella."

"You sound like Aunt Esme," I said, blushing.

She hopped off of the window seat and walked over to the table where I was working. It was still strange seeing her with her new hair cut. She'd gone with Aunt Esme and Rosalie to get the short, pageboy cut that was so popular of late. They offered to take me, but I declined. I rather liked being able to wear my hair up or down and didn't think the short cut was terribly attractive either. Though, I had to admit, Alice looked wonderful. Secretly, I worried that Edward wouldn't find it as attractive, but I didn't say that out loud. I liked when his fingers ran through the strands of my hair far too much to think about cutting it all off.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Judge Spotlight - Pemberly Rose

As written by Leanne Golightly

Before the OC Awards, I'd never spoken to Pemberly Rose, but one of the beauties of organising something like this has been meeting new people and, hopefully, making new friends.  For me, Pemberly now has a background and a personality behind the penname and the story that I’ve seen pop up regularly—I already had her fic on my “To Read” list.

You can find Pemberly Rose on, Twilighted, and My Vamp Fiction, or you can tweet with her as PemberlyRoseXOX. She also blogs at Hybrid Theory, a Jacob/Nessie pairing fic site—blog twitter hybridtheoryXxo.

Her multi-chapter, Life in Technicolor, is an NC-17 rated post-Breaking Dawn Renesmee/Nessie centric story and very canon.  Renesmee is now sixteen years of age and has lived a pretty charmed life so far, with all her family and friends around her.  Jacob Black (hey, I know that guy) is her best friend, and things get complicated when it seems their relationship is changing.  An imprint is not a pretty happily-ever-after with a bow wrapped around it, and Nessie has some choices to make, which will inevitably involve sacrifice along the way.

Pemberly has only very recently posted Breathe Me, a Life in Technicolor spin-off. You may already be aware that Leah hasn’t exactly had an easy time of things...understatement. In this post-Breaking Dawn fic, Leah meets Amber, an OC from LIT, and cue some femmeslash fun!

Some of her favourite stories are Sins of the Piano Man by Solareclipses, Cauchemar Vivant by Lunar Siren, Secret Sex by Erinbatt, Legendary by WhatsmyNomdeplume, Hold On by Todream, The Dawn Was Already Broke n by Forever Without Him, Hands on Me by IndependenceIndividuality and 101-South by JKane180.

Click here for Pemberly’s review on The Disillusioned by PhoenixRising25 at Twific Promotions.

Life in Technicolor has been reviewed and recommended in the following places:
Twilight Awards Under the Radar
Twific Promotions
The Fictionator's: PWN's of the Week 7/22/10 and PWN's of the Week 7/29/10
Tazz's Twilight Obsession (link no longer active)
My Vamp Fiction - Review by SusanAshlea
My Vamp Fiction Author Spotlight - Interview by SusanAshlea
PhaseFics Weekly Fic Rec - Review by Todream

It has also received numerous awards nominations:
Faithful Shipper Awards–Best Canon and Best Gut Dropping Line
Twitastic Awards–Best Jacob/Renesmee
Hidden Star Awards–Best Canon, You Cliffy Bitch and Best Kiss
Avante Garde Awards Round One–Best Novice Author and Best Canon Pairing

Here is an excerpt from Life In Technicolor Chapter 24 “Hybrid Theory”:

Trail's all clear if any of you need to hunt. I'll be at the garage 'til six. Love you.

I tried and failed to ignore the flush of heat that nineteen innocuous words inspired in me. Garrett shot me a look as I sprawled out on the opposite side of the couch, my thumbs making quick work of my reply.

Love you, too. Thank you, Jazz needs to hunt, as do I. I miss you. Any chance I can see you tonight?

Alice came down the stairs, rubbing her temples. I gave her a sympathetic glance. "What's wrong, Tink?" Garrett asked. I barely stifled a snicker. Jacob had called Alice Tinkerbelle just once in front of our dear cousin Garrett years ago when I was still a small child. The name had stuck much to the dismay of my Lilliputian aunt.

She swat the back of his head and sat down. "Oh, nothing, just… It's hard enough to get a read on the future with one half breed in the house. Now there's six," she sighed, flicking through the pages of Time. She looked at me with a gleam in her eyes. "Please let me know when the wolves decide to come over. I thought I'd grown used to it, but still this whole blind thing is really annoying. Especially now," she huffed, loudly turning the page.

I chuckled at her. "I'm sure it sucks to be so normal," I jested.

She glowered in return. I shrunk back just a little. Alice maybe nanoscale but she made up for it in her effective intimidation skills. Even Jacob was terrified of her at times and he was almost two feet taller than she.

My phone buzzed and the simple fact I reached for it so quickly made both Alice and Garrett chuckle at my enthusiasm. They didn't have any room to talk, however, Garrett followed his Kate around no matter where they went. Alice was even worse than I was. When you looked at Alice and Jasper together it was clear that if one did not exist, then neither could the other. The magnetism they had for each other was truly one of the most magnificent things I'd ever seen in my life.

Miss you more. I think I can swing by tonight for a few hours. We've beefed up security on the Rez... too many bloodsuckers to play it fast and loose you know?

Jacob hadn't been by the house much – a fact that pained me greatly. The separation was difficult though I knew he wasn't far. Punctuating that thought, pain rippled across my chest, threatening to rip it apart. On instinct, my arms hugged my torso to keep it from happening. At least there had been some consolation. He was patrolling near constantly when he wasn't at the garage in Forks. But late at night I could hear the faintest howl on the wind. It reminded me of the sacrifice he was making. Responsibilities with the garage and pack life were far more important than lazing about with me. He didn't seem to think so. He'd been more upset than I was that he had to be so distant. The pain must be hurting him just the same. In some ways I welcomed the pain. It was a reminder of what I had. The love I'd given him. As much as I disliked this intensely I knew it was important. He had to prepare for war just as we had to. New members of the pack were certainly going to be springing up and he needed to be prepared to train them.