Saturday, 12 March 2011


Entries must be written specifically for the contest.

Entries must be between 1500 and 5000 words long.

Entries must be written in first person point of view of an original character.

Entries must somehow be related to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.  Canon, AU, and AH stories will be accepted.

Your entry into the contest will be anonymous, and you will need to fill in a form giving us your penname, email, main fanfiction profile link, age, and twitter name.  Once we have this, then we will ask you to send in what you have written, and we will upload this onto our OC_Awards profile. You must not indicate which is your entry to anyone.

Lemons are not required, but are acceptable. Bear in mind that you will have some very random items to include and a tight word count, and this might make the lemon a little...interesting.

M-rated entries will only be accepted from those over 18 years of age. We will be happy to accept entries from those younger than 18 years of age, but they must be rated accordingly.

The original character in an M-rated story must be over 18 years of age, and in other rated stories, the original character must be over 16 years of age.

There will be three winners:

There will be a public vote, and the entry with the highest number of votes will win the public vote.

The judges will vote on their favourite entry, and this will win Judges Choice.

The judges will look at each entry and award points as per the list found HERE.  A minimum of two judges will look at each entry, and the average number of will be taken as your final score.  The entry with the highest number of points will be the final winner.

Entries must have been beta'd, and any entries that do not meet minimum standards will be returned.  Authors can resubmit these once the errors have been fixed.

We do not expect you to use all 25 items, but we do encourage you to get a good basic score with writing skill before you try to gain points from the other items.  Please bear in mind that our judges will look at your use of the item/phrase/action and determine whether it fits in the story.  If they decide that it's use is jarring or doesn't make sense, then you will have points deducted.

Judges' decisions are final.

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